Will we get a BMW supercar?

the-bmw-vision-efficientdynamics-concept-1-580x500Historically, BMW have refused to produce anything that might compete with Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the super road car market. Yet recently, perhaps because both the R8 and, more recently, the Mercedes-AMG GT, have been making such huge strides in the market, there are signs that BMW may be changing their minds.

Speaking at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2014, the head of BMW’s performance division (BMW M) Carsten Pries, dropped hints that they may be reconsidering their position. Although BMW is currently focusing on developing their ‘i’ range, they may begin researching other options once this brand is settled.

2008-BMW-M1-Homage-Concept-Rear-Angle-1280x960-655x491An extension of the M range would seem like a logical step, and this is something that Pries does not refute. As GTSpirit reported, he said: “We have to let the i brand settle down first. It is still very new to the market and the customer needs to be given some time to understand its proposition. Then, maybe, we can look at doing something.”

Pries went on to add that the car wouldn’t be a souped-up version of an i8 – as has been reported – but would instead be a dedicated M performance car. We think that great things could be in the making here, and will bring you all the news as we hear it.