A Land Rover for Winter Weather

When winter comes around, motorists with a wide range of cars are all asking themselves how they are going to get through the icy tundra of roads, traffic and motorways.

Land Rover thinks it has the answer with a range of enhancements that can be experienced through its cars. Judging from its stable of winter ready cars like the Evoque, Land Rover is the marque that goes beyond expectations when it comes to winter weather. The reason why Land Rover is the premier choice for winter’s icy roads and frosty lanes is the strength that the cars have for these types of weather. The Range Rover Vogue and the Autobiography are two options that have the Land Rover DNA for winter weather. The top elements that make Land Rover the right choice for winter includes:

• Tyres and wheels: The last thing motorists want to worry about is their wheels and tyres during the frosty conditions of the winter season. The Evoque and Range Rover Sport are two choices from Land Rover that are equipped with state of the art wheels and tyres that can withstand the pressure of winter. This pressure includes plunging temperatures and icy roads which can make driving conditions difficult.

 Traction control: Winter invariably means road trips and long journeys to visit family and friends during the holiday season and throughout the New Year. These car journeys are going to require driving aids that can help motorists navigate motorways and lanes for seamless driving. For car journeys that are long, traction aid gives drivers that control that they need for successful winter driving days.

• Durable car batteries: The dread that some motorists feel when their car battery won’t start is enough to make them want to have their car checked out. Land Rover’s 4×4 cars have batteries which are meant to pre-empt how tough it can be to start cars and with check-ups during the winter season, the durability of these batteries will go the distance that Land Rover’s 4×4 vehicles can go.

• 4×4 style: The cabin of Range Rovers like the Evoque and the Vogue will seem even more special during winter. Everyone inside these cars can see the contrast of the white wonderland from the snow and ice outside which sits alongside the stunning Fuji White exterior of cars like the Evoque. Business owners and families who want to travel in style can opt for the cabins of these 4×4 that have plenty of stylish flair in a tough practical body.

• Practicality: No one wants to imagine being stranded with a car that can’t manage their transport needs. Land Rovers are ideal hire cars for special occasions or corporate events during winter where people have to get from A to B. Cars like the Sport suit practical needs of families because of the space of the interior and the passenger features are ideal such as child seats for children.

Winter is no longer a hassle thanks to Land Rover: the 4×4 cars make winter the wonderland that it is for motorists and passengers who want to drive in comfort and style.

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