New Porsche Pops up in Geneva

Porsche is going to be appearing at the Geneva Motor Show next year to unveil the new 911 GT3. This car is going to be the new era of the 911 because it truly goes beyond what previous models have given drivers. Next March is going to be the opportunity for the world to see this new Porsche which is packed with performance features for Porsche drivers who want to experience a full throttle moment in driving.

The new 911 GT3 has already been on the Nurburgring track and it has performed well according to Porsche. This is a more nimble and agile version of the 911 because it is lightweight yet packs a punch when it comes to performance. One of the most interesting features of the 911 GT3 is the 450 horsepower that is in the car. Horsepower is a crucial piece of any car’s jigsaw puzzle, yet in the case of the Porsche, it allows the car to come to life.

Porsche have fitted this new 911 GT3 with a dual clutch transmission which is going to be the first time that the GT3 will have this type of transmission system. It’s going to make the car a treat to drive because of how hi-tech this type of driving transmission is. This is not your typical car – it is a super car judging by the complex way that the dual clutch system works.

When this new Porsche shows up in Switzerland next March, it is going to capture a lot of attention with its 2 seat interior and the trademark headlights which get everyone’s attention. The GT3 will be the subject of many reviews when more details surface in March. Until then, sit tight while the GT3 prepares for its debut at the motor show where only the best cars compete for the attention of the automotive industry.

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