A Touch Of Cloth

Wrapped with the famous Police stripes, our Rolls Royce Phantom took on an usual new look and exciting role as a police car recently for the recently aired TV programme ‘A Touch of cloth’.

Filming took place at Tower Hill at Trinity House and our luxury and usually sedate car was featured in a scene where the police commissioner jumps into our specially wrapped Rolls Royce Ghost, not what you would expect for such a prestigious car.

A Touch of Cloth is a British television comedy-drama series created and written by Charlie Brooker and Daniel Maier. It is a parody of British detective and crime dramas, with the plot based on a story by Messiah novelist Boris Starling.

A Touch of Cloth stars John Hannah and Suranne Jones, and features Julian Rhind-Tutt. The title is a play on another detective series, A Touch of Frost, as well as the vulgar British euphemism, “touching cloth.”

Witty, naughty and unashamedly silly – Charlie Brooker gives the British TV Detective genre a right good comedy kicking with this one-off special for Sky 1 HD.”, commented Lucy Lumsden, Head of Comedy, Sky Entertainment.

Charlie Brooker, co-writer, commented: “After you’ve seen A Touch of Cloth you’ll never be able to watch another detective show again. Not because it’s a devastating pisstake, but because you’ll have smashed your TV to pieces in a disappointed fury.” Daniel Maier, co-writer, commented: “It’s like Airplane! for a detective series except for not being Police Squad”.

Signature is certainly well equipped to deal with such bespoke requests, and we often rent our cars for TV and film. In fact our cars are also used for commercials and photo shoots, and only recently opened up our Experience Centre for a photo shoot for our Range Rover Evoque over a span of 3 days. Our fleet of cars and Experience Centre are available for any commercial interest and we welcome enquiries from companies and professional individuals looking for superb cars and a great location.

Our Rolls Royce Phantom is available on chauffeur hire for your big day, so take advantage now! Also available is our Rolls Royce Ghost and our luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead! To quote, simply call us on 0845 370 2222 or email us at sales@signaturecarhire.co.uk.

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