Bentley Mulsanne, Ideal for Chauffeur or Self-drive Hire


The new flagship Bentley Mulsanne is pure indulgent luxury, making it perfect for chauffeur driven opulence. It really adds magnificence for special occasions. Whilst it remains a car mainly to be chauffeured it was designed to be a driver’s car so unlike the Rolls Royce Ghost it can be hired for self-drive as well.

Since the art of driving is about personal choice, the Mulsanne offers both relaxed cruising and supreme controllability. Touring comfort is achieved with the engine and drive train of this car. The V8 develops 505 bhp, or 377 kW and delivers 1020NM of torque, available at just 1750 rev/min. Drivers can relax knowing that with just the slightest pressure on the accelerator, relentless power is available, from just after idle through all levels of revs.

Whilst this power brings exhilaration, it is reassuring to know that supreme domination of this force is also at your fingertips. The chassis, suspension and steering set-up of the Mulsanne is tuned to your style through the groundbreaking Drive Dynamics Control. The DDC means that the ride can be characterised as ‘Bentley’, a firmer ‘Sport’ setting or a softer ‘Comfort’ style. Another mode ‘Custom’ bespoke the car to your needs. This is stored in the memory for your next drive opportunity.

If self-drive is your way of taking in the pleasure of the Mulsanne, it is comforting to know that Adaptive Cruise Control links to the ESC premium safety system. Radar sensors scan the road ahead and warn of potential collisions, either visually or via the braking system. It also reduces stopping distances by automatically increasing brake-line pressure. A standard feature is Park Distance Control for when you arrive at your special occasion. This offers the versatility of six forward and four rear-facing sensors which project the surrounding distance onto the multimedia screens inside.

To take advantage of the freedom that chauffeur-driven offers you however, is to be able to sit back and enjoy what the Mulsanne offers the passenger. ‘Infotainment’ on this new masterpiece comes from the 60 gigabyte hard drive driving a multimedia system capturing thousands of your favourite songs and pictures. Two SD memory card slots complete the picture.

The interior environment is a cocoon of sheer bliss. Extreme attention to detail has resulted in features harking back to the Bentley lineage. Vintage cigar lighters from within the Mulsanne’s bloodline used a glass top through which one could observe the glow of the element. This beautiful touch became the inspiration for the glass-like switches found in the central console of this enigmatic car.

Either through chauffeur-drive or self-drive hire the Bentley Mulsanne is unrivalled in its luxury for your special occasion.