Bentleys Dramatic Ambitions For Super-Luxury Convertible

Some sweeping artist’s impressions have been published by Bentley.  They are making clear not only their intent to breathe life into their creation, but also to take the lead set by others.

A portfolio of artist’s impressions was recently released by Bentley.  Showing a graceful yet masterful four-seat Mulsanne convertible, their ambition was laid bare.  Not only are they serious about the future production of this car, but that they are aiming it directly at the drivers of Rolls Royce’s Phantom Drophead Coupé.

They clarified this objective with the words that they want the car to be “the world’s most elegant and sophisticated convertible, providing a supremely powerful and refined luxury grand touring experience for four adults”.  Indeed, the Chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, went as far as calling it “the world’s most elegant convertible. The Convertible Concept will extend the appeal of the Mulsanne family, while enhancing the profile of the Bentley brand, particularly in new and emerging markets”.

The words and pictures came this week at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance, revealed behind closed doors to a chosen few, Bentley customers and VIPs.  The American market would certainly be one of those that the CEO would see as key to the sales success of the car.  It was also the place where, in 2009, the all-new Mulsanne itself received its début.

Whilst the pictorial illustrations demonstrate the car with taut yet sweeping lines, and portray the essence of the luxury it will carry, they do not give details.  What is food for the imagination are the words that accompany.  Bentley describes the interior of the car as being inspired by luxury powerboats.  They further describe the finishing and fittings as chic and contemporary, so one can only imagine the rich and exquisite materials and details.  In wanting to be ‘supreme’, it is already possible to see the more refined solution provided by a fabric roof design, as opposed to folding hard-top.

This is certainly fodder for thought of executives, and owners, of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé.  Given the £60,000 price differential between the two sedan models, in Bentley’s favour, it is obvious that the Mulsanne Convertible will target these people in many ways.

The pedigree that Bentley has of producing large luxury convertibles is immense.  In the roaring Twenties the race-bred three-litre cars and Park Ward S1 Drophead Coupé provided the marque with elegance and power.  More up to date models include the Cornice Convertible and Azure.

Take this battle onto your own territory and drive either or both the Bentley Mulsanne or Rolls-Royce Phantom, and then the Phantom Drophead, through self-drive hire.  Decide for yourself where you would put your money, when the car may eventually launch in about two year’s time.  The Phantom Drophead is certainly the best car to capture the last of the summer wine right now, with the roof down.  Raise the roof to cocoon yourself in the luxury that is rare in today’s world.  Embrace quality underwritten by technology to enjoy a refined driving and passenger experience exceptional even amongst its peers.  Understand the stretch target that the Bentley has to overcome.

The Mulsanne Convertible is still a concept, so in the mean time, why not enjoy the existing Bentley Mulsanne on chauffeur hire. Want to drive in pure luxury with the wind in your hair? Our Bentley Continental GTC V8 would be perfect for you. Also available is our Bentley Continental GT on self-drive hire. To quote, simply call us on 0845 370 2222 or email us at

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