Could Bentley Falcon Take off under the Flying B?

The speculation around the Bentley all-roader extends not only to the SUV’s actual go-ahead but also its name.  The latest ideas to see the light of day are concerned with the car earning its wings.

When Bentley unveiled the EXP 9 F in Geneva last March, there were many comments and quips, and not just about the sports utility vehicle itself.  Its design was certainly considered a departure from traditional Bentley styling, but then Bentley has a history of unveiling concepts and developing them in public view all the way through to satisfaction with the immaculate luxury cars we know and love.

One area which particularly received less than favourable scrutiny was the placeholder moniker.  We are now learning that the EXP 9 F quite possibly stands for more than just some test tube label.  Whilst it was never envisaged that the nickname would remain all the way through to its production badge, there now appears to be more logic than previously thought.  Whilst EXP stood for experimental, as the concept surely was for such a distinguished marque, the prototype carried the letter F for Falcon.  This hidden clue could now point the way to a final insignia.  It seems that the 4×4 will be a departure from the heritage of Bentley in name as well as in substance, since Falcon does not emanate from the bloodline at all, unlike contemporary revivals of Mulsanne or Continental.

Whether the Falcon takes flight however is still a matter for the investors at parent company Volkswagen to approve.  This is only one of the projects awaiting go-ahead from the umbrella that will fund the Mulsanne convertible, which may see the name Azure return, as well as Lamborghini’s Urus, and Bugatti’s Galibier.

Something entirely more tactile, and befitting the illustrious history of Bentley, is to take a short-term hire of today’s Mulsanne.  This is a luxury car that meets all your expectations and then exceeds them.  The 6.75 litre V8 engine with variable displacement not only presents unsurpassed premium power, as one would suppose from a Bentley, and then tops it with variable displacement for an added level of innovation that surprises you.  This results in exceptional performance which adapts to your needs, engaging four or eight cylinders accordingly.  The dark onyx exterior cloaks the car in just the right amount of prestige, and then styling cues such as the 21” 2-piece 5-spoke alloy wheels take the car to a higher echelon.  The interior is equally impressive.  Superlative hand-stitched Beluga upholstery impresses, and then ambient interior mood lighting goes beyond.  This is a car that certainly wears its name plate with pride.

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