First to Offer the New Bentley Mulsanne for Self Drive Car Hire


Once again, Signature Car Hire is ahead of the competition.  The new release from Bentley, their flagship Mulsanne, is the newest addition to the fleet.  This confirms Signature Car Hire’s position as the leader in their field, being the first car hire company to have such a car.

 It is quite fitting that the Mulsanne be the new jewel in our crown.  It is the spirit of the founder of the marque, W.O.Bentley, that is reborn in the Mulsanne.  The driving force behind W.O. Bentley was that his cars be at the pinnacle of motoring, and be ‘something large, fast, refined and comfortable’.

This philosophy resonates throughout the Mulsanne.   Destined as a ‘powerful and elegant driver’s car like nothing else on the road’ it has been engineered accordingly.  The 6¾ litre, 90-degree V8 engine, is an astonishing 505bhp masterpiece generating 1020Nm of torque.  Such amounts of power in reserve echo the history of Bentley development, so closely intertwined in British motoring.  This car lets you sense the heritage behind the marque, and hear the roar of the cars racing around Brooklands, and yet feel the might of this twin-turbocharged ‘V8 for the 21st century’.  This modern approach to motoring means that all this superb power is achieved with improvements in refinement, weight and efficiency.  This results in better fuel economy and a decrease in CO2 emissions of up to 15%.

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Bentley with its launch, the Mulsanne epitomises everything that Bentley has come to signify.   The interior of the Mulsanne imitates the interior of a stately home viewed with modern spectacles.  This is shown through the exquisite matching of traditional and modern materials such as soft leather hide, polished wood veneers, mood lighting and knurled stainless steel.   After all, crafting the interior takes half of the time required to build a Bentley.

The herald of British motoring, the Bentley Mulsanne still carries the proportions of these great cars.  Classic shapes and proportions are preserved, yet with soft lines and graceful elegance.   The way the exterior silhouette flows together is also reflected in the way that the Mulsanne itself is brought into life. The coachbuilding at Bentley is no less superb now that at any time in the history of the marque.   This is seen in the approach to detail in the Mulsanne.  Teams of craftsmen and women, themselves experienced, are watched over by a master coach-builder.  Skilled techniques such as hand-brazing are deployed to ensure the immaculate quality expected of a car such as the Mulsanne is delivered.

Signature Car Hire again displayed their prowess when they heard about this car which ‘revives this carpe diem spirit and demonstrates that the quest for refined driving at the highest level is still burning bright at Bentley’ and brought it into their stable. Available for both self drive hire and chauffeur driven.