Get YOUR staff Motivated with a Signature Corporate Incentive

logoAt this time of year it can be hard to get motivated. But don’t despair….Signature Car Hire is here!

Signature Car Hire can help get your staff motivated with a tempting taste of our supercars to get their pulses racing.

signature-car-hire-aston-porschePeter Ellis has been a long standing VIP customer at Signature Car Hire and was in fact one of Founder and CEO Dee’s first customers. Dee said, “Peter has been a long standing and loyal customer, so when he approached us about an idea for offering one of our cars as a staff incentive I was more than happy to help and insisted my team pull out all the stops to ensure his team received the Signature WOW factor!”

Peter; whose company Foreign Currency Direct offers award-winning rates of exchange, wanted to give members of staff a really memorable treat. As he had previously hired a Signature Lamborghini himself he was convinced that gifting a Signature supercar hire Experience as a staff incentive would be the perfect solution for his team. To help get his guys motivated, Signature popped down to the head offices of Foreign Currency Direct with three of our most popular cars, our sleek and stylish Aston Martin V8 Roadster N420 Limited Edition, our performance driven Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder and our popular Porsche 911 Turbo to give them a taster of what car they might win for a hire experience.

The guys in the office were up out of their seats and on the forecourt immediately to get a closer look at our performance supercars! Peter was really impressed and called the Signature office soon after to say he was “very impressed with the cars” and that he knew “Signature would not let him down.” Peter went on to say that his team were very motivated and that he is excited to see which staff members win the incentive and what car is chosen from the selected range.

We were delighted with Peter’s feedback and happy that the ‘supercar show’ we put on for him and his staff had the motivational reaction he was looking for.

signature-car-hire-lamborghiniAre YOU looking for ways to motivate YOUR staff?
If your staff need some motivation to help boost company sales and staff performance, then perhaps a supercar treat is what they need. Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest!


We can help you organise a fantastic experience that will get your staff’s pulses racing and eager to get the job done with the temptation of a supercar hire experience as the winning treat!

Here’s what to do
1 Give us a call and discuss what incentive you would like with one of our personal account managers. They will talk you through all the options available to help create a bespoke incentive for your staff and assist you throughout the whole experience.

2 Tell us which cars you think your staff would want to see. We will do our upmost to ensure you get your choice of the closest available model.

3 Select a suitable day when all your staff are together so we can drive down and meet your team allowing them to get up close and see what they could be working for. Alternatively, we can invite your team to our Experience Centre and show them all our cars!

4 Let us know how many staff will be involved, so we can ensure they all get a Signature goody bag.

signature-car-hire-aston-martin5 Let us know when your incentive period will run for, so we can look to book you a suitable weekend hire date when the winning staff member will have the car.

6 Your personal account manager will assist you at every stage ensuring all aspects of the incentive run smoothly. They will also assist with all relevant paperwork for the booking so that everything is hassle free for you .

7 No hidden costs, you just pay for the car hire rental.

If you would like more details about how we can help with a staff incentive; please call one of our Personal Account Managers on 0845 370 2222.