Lamborghini Huracán and the Dubai Police

339198It’s not a coincidence that the new model from Lamborghini sounds like Hurricane. It looks like a blistering example of speed and excellence so the name ‘Huracán’ is fitting as in Spanish, it refers to a popular Spanish bull. The Dubai Police are said to be mulling purchasing the Huracán. The news is that the Huracán will probably be ordered by the Police of Dubai when it is unveiled by the marque in March at the Geneva Motor Show.
There are plenty of benefits for why Dubai cops need the Huracán – one of the main reasons being that it will probably be ordered by Dubai citizens considering the passion that Dubai drivers have for Lamborghini cars. This rendering by artist Steve Morfouasse shows what the Lamborghini could look like if ordered by the Dubai Police.


339204We know why the Police are interested in this car – the details that are seeping out of Lamborghini’s HQ point to a car that is truly a Lamborghini that is fine-tuned for the needs of the future. Sharp lines of the exterior are part of Lamborghini’s DNA and you can see how they form an integral part of the body of the Huracán. The lightweight body is strong thanks to the aluminium make-up of the hardware. The Huracán will be fitted with a 5.2 litre V10 engine that should see the car have 601 bhp. 0 – 62 mph in the Huracán will be done in 3.2 seconds only, which makes it faster than the Ferrari 458 Italia. The top speed sits at an Olympian high of 202 mph. The automatic 7-speed transmission is helped by innovative technology that is the LDF (Lamborghini Doppia Frizione) that gives all four wheels blasts of torque.

One of the most challenging elements of the Huracán’s interior is the fact the traditional indicator signs are gone. Instead, the indicator and wipers have been integrated into the steering wheel so drivers will command them from the steering wheel. The wheel also includes three types of driving styles (Corsa, Strada, and Sport). The comprehensive exterior, performance and interior of the Huracán make it one of the most hotly anticipated cars of the year.

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