Invitation to Brocket Hall – Arts & Entertainment and Wine Clubs

brocket-hallAs one of Brocket Halls exclusive service providers we are delighted to be able  to invite you to the inauguration of Brocket Hall’s Arts & Entertainment and Wine clubs on Wednesday 21st February at 6.30pm.

This launch is part of the introduction of Brocket Hall’s new Estate Membership which offers businessmen and women unique access to the stately home and its amenities for out-of-office meetings, conferencing, hospitality and short stays in the Hall on an exclusive use basis.

Brocket Hall in Welwyn, Herts, was home to two British Prime Ministers – Lord Melbourne and Lord Palmerston and enjoys a celebrated history. On the evening, there will be an exhibition of art and jewellery curated by Jiggy Rawal, a fine wine tasting and musical entertainment by the multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter Ramzi.

The clubs have been named after two of the most famous names to be associated with Brocket Hall – Lord Byron and his spurned mistress, Lady Caroline Lamb. As wife of the second Lord Melbourne, Lady Caroline Lamb scandalised society when she conducted a wild and tempestuous relationship on the Brocket estate with Romantic poet Lord Byron.

The Lady Caroline Lamb Arts & Entertainments Club offers a selection of cultural events and entertainment such as visiting exhibitions and shows hosted at Brocket Hall; talks and classes; priority access to galleries and openings; musical events, and book launches. One of the first prestigious partners to work with Brocket Hall is the Cadogan Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea, a centre of artistic excellence for the last 30 years.

The Lord Byron Fine Wine Club builds on a grand old Brocket Hall tradition of enjoyment, sociability and a connoisseur’s appreciation of the best wines the world can offer. A member of the Lord Byron Wine Club enjoys access to wine tastings and sommelier selections as well as opportunities to attend wine estate tours, gourmet evenings to explore the perfect pairings of wine and food and investment guidance.

A quick glimpse of Brocket Hall 

If you would like to join us, please contact John Luttrell and he will confirm your place.