Lamborghini Huracán Performante is‘Car of the Year’ According to the 2018 Robb Report

Lamborghini have just announced they have been awarded the top honor in Robb Report’s 2018 Car of the Year for their Huracán Performante. This annual competition sees serious competition from some of the most prestigious luxury vehicles in the World.

With its naturally aspirated V10 engine which produces a whopping 640 hp it’s no surprise this supercar took the top slot. It offers supercar fans an advanced active aerodynamics system for supercar fans to revel in. The jaw droppingly beautiful Performante stunned judges with its exciting performance, ingenious technology and astonishing drivability.

. The Performante has been re-engineered in full with attention in regards to weight, power and dynamics to fulfil Lamborghini’s vision to rework the concept of a super sports. This car was created to elevate the Huracán range with the use of advanced Forged Composites®; a shapeable forged carbon fiber material patented by Automobili Lamborghini which reduces vehicle weight and enhances the track-oriented design of the Performante. Developed with a truly amazing supercar driving experience in mind, each element of this supercar comes together to create the most extraordinary emotions that could be imagined on the road.