Lamborghini teaser trailer leaves us drooling

Lamborghini_logoAlthough it’s unlikely, there’s nevertheless the possibility that Lamborghini have missed their true calling. Not only can they make stupendous, pulse-elevating cars that are a driver’s dream, but they somehow manage to convey this magic through the medium of film. If ever Steven Spielberg needs a day off, we reckon the Lamborghini team could do a pretty good job of taking over.

To see what we mean, take a look at the pre-Geneva trailer that had our hearts in our mouths. It doesn’t reveal much, but it leaves you with a tantalising sense of what might be on offer, as well as a visceral desire to be there and watch it happen.

This alone would have been enough to sustain watercooler debate in our office for months, but the Lamborghini team had other ideas: at their Geneva press conference earlier this month they unveiled the full film, which is undoubtedly, compellingly, magnificent.

On paper, it doesn’t sound like much: it’s a film about a car going round a corner. Bear with us, though, because that corner is a terrifying hilltop S bend, and the car is the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV (Superveloce). With intense, dangerous looks and a naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 750HP at 8400RPM, the car is stunning and instantly desirable. Featured in bright red body-paint, every inch of the car is revealed as the camera swoops overhead.

As the film continues we see just why this car is being described as the ‘most reactive car’ ever. Not only does it have enhanced styling, but it’s also lost a whopping 50kg in weight to produce a new dimension in performance and driving dynamics. As well as ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre materials, it features Lamborghini Dynamic Steering, magneto-rheological pushrod suspension and an interior that’s stripped back to the bare bones of the car – in places quite literally. All of this gives it incredible performance, something aptly demonstrated by the way it tackles the corner in the film.

What makes it all the more thrilling is the way that the driver gives you a slow-motion walk through of how to tackle the corner before the final result is displayed, making it engrossing viewing for experts and novice racetrack drivers alike.

In the meantime, watch our fantastic Lamborghini models on our YouTube and below check out our latest video of our Lamborghini Huracan.