Mercedes AMG

mercedes-amg-smallCombining the core strengths of AMG, cutting-edge technology and a passion for dynamic, emotive engaging products delivers the brand promise of “Driving Performance”.

The company from Affalterbach is famous around the World for unrivalled engine knowledge which comes with their “one man, one engine” philosophy where each engine is hand-crafted by one engine builder.

The Mercedes-Benz’s sports car and performance brand reached a new level almost achieving 100,000 units in 2016 which is in excess of 40 percent growth, AMG proceeds towards its anniversary year with record figures well established.

Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH Tobias Moers commented, “We’re on the road to worldwide success with our strategic portfolio expansion and can look back on a sensational year. The 63 series models still constitute our core product line, and they continue to delight auto enthusiasts around the world. In addition, our AMG GT series, which was developed entirely in-house, is now available as a broad-based family, with which we have impressively demonstrated our expertise as a sports car brand. At the same time, our broad portfolio puts us in the perfect position for further sustained growth. Our task now is not just to celebrate the AMG success story, but, in one of the most exciting periods of automotive history, to help shape the performance of the future.”

mercedes-s500-blackAs part of a strategic model initiative in 2016 Mercedes-AMG added over ten new cars to their product range, from January 2017 performance-seeking customers will benefit from a choice of over 50 models. From the powerful standard-production four-cylinder compact to the sporty and classy S 65 with a superior twelve-cylinder engine, from saloons and estates in many different output classes, to a broad range of SUVs and coup├ęs, to cabriolets and variously configured roadsters Mercedes-AMG boasts a broad and extraordinary product offering.

Mercedes-AMG is presently responsible for the creation not only of the new eight-cylinder range of the Mercedes-Benz brand, but also of the AMG V8 engines. The first standard-production car to be fitted with a V8 engine developed in Affalterbach was the G 500, which celebrated its launch in September 2015. The V8 engine for the forthcoming new S-Class was also created in Affalterbach, reinforcing the engine-building expertise of the three-lettered brand.

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