Coming soon to BMW, the X2

If you are a fan of BMW, then you’ll be pleased to hear their M5 with X Drive will be released later this year. Their latest M Class incarnation been heavily invested with careful skill and refinement to produce a truly distinguished vehicle. This extensive design overhaul is exciting and the industry is keen to welcome this brand new high performance saloon.

Putting control logic at the heart of the M5 with X Drive without losing the DNA at the core of the M class has been of paramount importance to BMW which has been achieved by following BWMs ethos for excellence, precision and attention to detail.

Using high-performance xDrive technology BMW have developed a potent system creating new possibilities for the driver which include the Active M Differential, special kinematics, the iconic M suspension and damper set-up with high performance sports tyres which feature additional grip.

All BMWs M5 with xDrive technology are controlled via a single source so that drivers can enjoy a car that intuitively reacts to specific needs and desires.

Bernd Jacob, BMW Engineer, says: “The development of this control logic is the real secret behind M xDrive.” BMW always strive for perfection, and this car does not break that mould. The engine has been tuned to make sure that every inch of the 600-hp block is pulling in the same direction. Accelerating from 0-100kph in less than 3.5 seconds, dynamism is on the driver’s side. Material usage has been optimised to ensure the BMW M5 with xDrive is lighter than its predecessor; here the new CFR roof has been the key in the success to this dramatic weight loss.