New Mercedes S Class boasts tech surprises galore

mercedes_s-classRemember the excitement around the S Class when the redesign was unveiled a few years ago? Prepare for another dose of Mercedes fever as the newest S Class has just been launched at the Shanghai Motor Show, and it’s stuffed full of interesting features.

Let’s start with the tech, for which Mercedes-Benz is justifiably famed. Driver assistance is a big factor here as the car offers something called ‘level 2 autonomy’, essentially code for a car that only needs a driver on standby. The car’s favourite stunts include remote parking, something that’s perfect if you want to exit the car before parking in a very narrow space, and speaking to other cars to warn them of adverse driving conditions.

That’s mercedes_s-class_not all, however. The car can also detect traffic signs, do stop start in traffic jams where the gaps in movement are less than 30 seconds apart, and adjust its speed depending on what its cameras reads on the road ahead, regardless of the set cruising speed. Amazingly, the speed reduction also depends on the current driving mode: for instance cars on Comfort setting will slow more than those in Sport.

Aside from the tech, the styling remains pretty much the same, with a few gentle finesses to both the interior and exterior. If you’re the kind who likes to set the mood you’ll be happy about the new ‘Energizing’ feature in the cabin, whereby you can adjust seats, fragrance, lighting and many other features to one of six pre-programmed settings.

One other eye-catching change is the new range of straight-six engines. The AMG, for example, features the marque’s 4 litre turbocharged V8, while the petrol options are still to be announced.

We can’t wait to test drive this new range of stunning Mercedes S Class cars, and to bring them to our customers as soon as we can. Stay tuned for further news!