Rolls Royce Provides The Hallmark Of Luxury Motoring

Driving a Rolls Royce can provide the ultimate level of personalisation and identity. The approach of Rolls Royce to bespoke motoring shows attention to detail matched only by their cars.

It is quite possible to think that Rolls Royce represents the top of the range, even in the realms of supercar.  It would appear that there is however no limit to the lengths that the team at the iconic British coachworks will go in order to exceed customers’ expectations.  The already-high specification levels of cars from this marque are surpassed by those crafted by the Bespoke team.

Given the adage that “if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it” the possibilities available to those who can pay for a Rolls Royce are infinite.  This is so much so that the Goodwood base of the Bespoke department recently created fifty new jobs to accommodate such demand.  It would seem that the majority of their clientele are not satisfied with the ecstasy of owning these spirited cars as they appear in standard, yet divine, form.

The measure of customisation to which the Phantom or Ghost can be subject ranges from custom bodypaint to completely re engineered features, inside or out.  Personalised embroidery in the headrests or a unique bonnet adornment are certainly distinct possibilities.

Bespoke is all about catering to the very exacting standards of the most discerning customers, just as it is in the best in luxury car hire.  At Rolls Royce, they like to think of bespoke as a relationship, which is just like that between you and your luxury hire car.

Gavin Hartley, Bespoke Design Manager for Rolls-Royce explains the thought behind this level of service.  “It is like stepping beyond the options list, and doing something very personal” he explains.  The Experience Centre is a mirror to this in the world of luxury car hire.  It is at the Signature Car Hire Experience Centre that this level of precise attention to detail comes alive.  Above and beyond the high level of attention already lavished on all vehicles prior to hire, the Experience Centre provides an intimate introduction to your unique vehicle.

The vehicles are owned by us, and are all bought new at the peak level of specification.  This allows you to be assured of the highest degree of luxury hire car to be selected from the exquisite range on show in the Centre.  At the Signature Experience Centre, and throughout the hire, you only deal with our experienced staff members who know our cars.  They will be able to welcome you to the Centre and  understand your needs with impeccable clarity, ensuring the car and driver pairing is unique.  The beautiful valet your chosen supercar receives before you drive away is simply the final step in a flawless process designed to provide a refined appreciation of performance and luxury.

With or without the bespoke customizations, Rolls Royce’s are unique in their own way which is why we offer the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead for you to be chauffeur driven in. If you like the idea of travelling in bespoke luxury, then we suggest you choose our Luxury Mercedes Viano, a spacious people carrier with modern customizations including 2 screens with DVD access, a champagne cooler, power socket and hidden tables for conference meetings, recline chairs and superb attention to detail with quilted seats emblazoned with the Signature emblem – our Marque of Distinction. This luxury vehicle looks like a standard Viano from the outside offering complete anonymity, but watch our video below and take a step inside to see how our Signature branded luxury bespoke Mercedes Viano in no standard form of car hire transportation –

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