Signature Chauffeuring Team aim to exceed clients expectations

Signature Chauffeur HandAt Signature Chauffeuring we always aim to exceed our clients expectations. We strive to carry out any specific requests clients have, however unusual, to ensure they receive the highest quality bespoke chauffeur service.

Only this week our team received one such unusual request. We were asked by one of our VIP clients to pick up an item which they needed to be delivered to their CEO at Heathrow Airport. As their dedicated chauffeuring company they entrusted us to carry out their request rather than using a courier company, black cab or taxi service as they knew we would make sure the valuable package was hand delivered at the right time to the right place in perfect condition.

At the time of the booking we were not aware of what the item was. The unusual package of a cigar and some caviar was looked after carefully overnight and delivered by hand to a very happy client at 6 am this morning. Although an unusual request we made sure the items were looked after and dropped off with the same care and attention we would give any of our passengers.

If you are in need of a chauffeur company who has an exceptional service, flawless fleet of chauffeur cars and a ‘can do’ attitude, then give one of our Chauffeur Account Managers a call on 0845 370 1111 or email direct for more details.