Two new Long-Wheel-Base Range Rovers for the Signature Experience Centre

long-wheel-base-range-roverFollowing exceptionally high demand from our valued Signature customers, we are proud to have added two wonderful Long Wheel Base Range Rovers to our fleet. As well as offering passengers a dose of the classically British Range Rover style, these elongated cars have extra benefits for those looking for that little extra dose of luxury. As our Fleet Manager Rob remarks “This is a car that pushes Range Rover fully into Bentley levels of opulence, and a worthy rival to a Mercedes S-class in terms of a car you’d like to be driven in as well as drive.” Take a virtual tour of our new 4 x 4 by watching this film shot on location in our showroom and make up your own mind, we know you’ll agree!

The first thing you’ll will notice is that there is an extra 18.6 cm of legroom in the rear seats, enough to make it feel like a truly first class experience. The rear cabin is now hugely spacious, and feels even more so thanks to an enormous sliding panaoramic sunroof that floods the interior with light.

In terms of interior design, the impeccable standards are upheld, with the luxurious leathers, beautiful trim and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from the marque. These models also come with 10.5 inch rear entertainment screens, rear climate control, privacy glass and extra electric side door blinds to ensure your privacy.

The ride quality is also superb, and feels like you’re sitting on a gently gliding cloud. Regardless of how broken the road surface is, passengers will remain comfortable at all times. For those that prefer to be behind the heated leather steering wheel, the Range Rovers also offer an enjoyable driving experience, whether that’s off or on the road!

We expect these cars to be just as popular as our other Range Rover models, particularly for chauffeur drive hire. This is because the extra legroom and luxurious interior make it feel truly limousine like, while still presenting a sleek and elegant appearance to the outside world. No matter how long your journey you’ll always be comfortable thanks to the range-rover-vogue-long-wheel-base-rear-aspectheated seats that offer five massage programmes. There is, as you might imagine, also excellent storage room for luggage, allowing you to undertake even large cross-continent trips with ease.

Signature are very proud of having acquired these two beautiful new cars and expect them to be a hit with both our self-drive and chauffeur hire clients. It’s our mission to provide you with the best possible vehicles for your needs, and we feel sure these luxurious Range Rovers will exceed your expectations!