Watch Out for Your Favourite Cars on the Big Screen

Actors may not like to hear it, but cars can sometimes play just as big a role in a film as they do. If you’ve already been to see Jurassic World, for example, you’ll have seen the stylish Mercedes Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe making its film debut in the guise of the car owned by Jurassic World operations manager Claire. As the film progresses the car’s SUV capabilities and coupe speed come in quite handy – but we won’t reveal the plot by telling you why!

Further in the future, a film where cars are absolutely essential to the storyline is due out this winter: Spectre, the next instalment in the James Bond franchise. We’ve already covered the Aston Martin DB10, the car exclusively designed for the film that bears a new twist on the marque’s aesthetic, but now the teaser trailer reveals what else we can look forward to. Villain Mr Hinx gets involved in a high-speed car chase against the DB10 in his Jaguar C-X75, while there is also plenty of SUV and helicopter action. We can’t wait!

If you like your fictional cars a little more extreme, however, you’ll have to wait until next year’s much anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The new Batmobile has just been unveiled at the 2015 Licensing Expo, and it’s a monster: standing more than six feet long and weighing over 3,000kg, it can nevertheless do up to 205MPH. Oh, and it’s packed full of gadgets, not to mention adorned with two 50 cal retractable machine guns. In fact, it looks so scary even Superman might think twice.