A few changes for the new Audi R8

AUDI R8What’s new at Audi
Whenever Audi makes changes, the car world listens. Audi announced new changes for the R8 which is focused on performance instead of style changes. Anyone who wants to buy the new R8 will be pleased to see changes for the exterior. For example, the callipers are now red and there are exterior colour options.

The Interior
The interior changes sound just as interesting as the exterior: there is a quilted leather choice as well as diamond-stitched Alcantara for added comfort. There are going to be digital instrumental dials, for example.

From a performance point of view, there is a new sport exhaust for the R8 V10. The standard R8’s power remains the same with a 4.2 litre V8 engine. The R8 V10 will have a 5.2 litre powerhouse. The top of the range R8 V10 has a 550 horsepower for Audi fans who love chiselled performance. A diesel engine will also be revealed as an option for the new R8. One of the biggest changes of the new R8 is the six-speed manual is going to be replaced with a dual-speed clutch.

Carbon fibre will form a bigger part of the chassis as it is going to make up around 23% of the chassis. This makes it a stronger chassis while glass-fibre reinforced polymer will shave plenty of weight off the body of the car.

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