Coupes vs Convertibles

Coupes and convertibles have always been part of the car conversation. From muscle cars (a term used to refer to high-performance automobiles) in the 1960s to high end prestige cars today, coupes have always been in style. Cars like Rolls-Royce Ghost and Bentley Flying Spur Speed are excellent examples of the luxury end of coupes. The hard bodies that encase the cabin and people in the car are strengthened by the aluminium composites that are used to make most coupes.

Coupes were popular choices for car manufacturers because they are more aerodynamic than other car body types, their streamline silhouette makes them more efficient to drive. Another bonus of a coupe is the amount of space that is in the interior, something much more apparent on the new Mercedes S Class which is long wheel based, making it an ideal choice for chauffeuring. Car buyers who have family and friends are looking for a car that can accommodate the people in their lifestyle, not just themselves.


Convertibles are some of the most romantic car types that have been around in the past 50 years and have always been known for their performance stats, one simply has to imagine a Lamborghini or Ferrari to feel the thrill of a convertible. However, today convertibles are getting refreshed with modern technology to include plenty of gadgets and gizmos like on board computers, park distance control, climate control, memory seats. In general, convertibles are released after coupes. If a coupe is really successful, a convertible will be released quickly to capture the market.

Convertibles are popular because they allow drivers to be closer to the elements; really feeling the thrill of the drive. Convertibles are a popular choice for car hire because they allow hirers to try something different. Signature Car Hire has coupes and convertibles that people can choose from when they want a sporty convertible or comfortable coupe. Both body styles will have same effect on customers: automotive pleasure.