Mercedes SL is Debuted at the LA Motor Show

mercedes-sl-1Due to be in dealerships in April next year, the updated Mercedes SL is already hitting headlines – largely due to an impressive debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The debut demonstrated the updates Mercedes has given to this drop-top two seater car, which are both aesthetic and performance-based. Many of the exterior changes have been made to either bring the car up to date with the rest of the Mercedes range, such as the new LED headlights, or echo previous SL models, such as the 1952 300 SL inspired Mercedes grille, which has a modified diamond pattern that is wider at the bottom than conventional grilles.

The bonnet has also been smoothed, removing the two central creases, and the lower bumper has also been redesigned – something that leaves more space for intricate lower vents and a small central air intake. At the rear end of the car there are now one-piece tail-lights, while on AMG models there are even fins on the bumper.

The all-important roof has also been changed and is now able to be raised or lowered at speeds of up to 25MPH, and angled by up to 25 degrees when stowed to improve access to the load area.

Inside, drivers benefit from a sportier instrument cover, as well as improved ambient lighting and a range of leather and trim finishes. Entertainment comes from a top of the range Harman Kardon Logic 7 11-speaker surround-sound system, while Apple CarPlay is an optional extra. Other neat gizmos include Magic Sky Control, which can change from dark to transparent to suit your mood.

The updated SL will come with the same range of six, eight and 12 cylinder petrol engines, although these have been boosted to provide better performance. The entry level SL 400, for example, has been boosted to 362BHP, meaning that it now has a 0-62MPH time of 4.9 seconds – 3/10 of a second faster than its predecessor. The tweaked engines are also paired with a new nine-speed automatic gearbox, although the AMG versions will continue to have the seven speed box familiar to those who have driven the previous model.

Other performance-enhancing features have also been added, such as a more aggressive Sport+mode, Active Body Control, and auto emergency braking.

No prices have been announced as yet, but we’ll bring you all the information on this new drop-top two seater Mercedes as it’s released.