Rolls Royce Film Accepted into Prestigious BFI Archive

The film made to mark the Rolls Royce Wraith, ‘And the World Stood Still’, has been accepted into the BFI (British Film Institute) National Archive, the world’s most significant collection of film and TV. It was accepted because, according to the BFI’s Senior Curator for Non-Fiction films, Patrick Russell, “it is an outstanding and award-winning example of modern corporate promotional filmmaking. It’s a powerful use of the film medium for product launch purposes, executed with impeccable craftsmanship.”

The film’s purpose was to introduce the Wraith as Rolls Royce’s most powerful and technologically advanced model. Made in Barcelona, it’s a dark yet sumptuous film that features the breath-taking ‘Timeslice’ sequence that was filmed using 100 SLR cameras.

Being Rolls Royce, the company celebrated by doing what they do best – making a car. The result was the Wraith ‘Inspired by Film, a limited edition car that hints at the era of film noir through many bespoke touches. It features a unique two-tone Silver and Jubilee Silver paint scheme, accompanied by a solid-silver hand-case Spirit of Ecstasy. The car has a shorter wheelbase and wider rear track than most Rolls Royce models, lending it a truly sleek, dynamic look.

Inside, there is an Anthracite leather interior accompanied by Massacar Ebony open pore panelling that has a unique aluminium band shooting through it. Under the hood, meanwhile, is a twin turbo V12 that can take the car from 0-60MPH in just 4.4 seconds, making it a truly performance-orientated car despite its luxurious trappings.

Should you wish to star in your own Rolls Royce adventure then slip inside one of Signature’s Rolls Royce vehicles all available with a chauffeur service. Lights, camera, action!