The £1,000,000 question – which car would you choose?

lottery-winners-signature-car-hire-bentleyHere at Signature we’re used to people hiring our cars because they have something to celebrate, and we love being able to add an extra touch of glamour to their special occasions. Lots of you come to us to discuss your weddings, family celebrations and romantic escapades, but we recently had a much more unusual request for David and Sam Mackie.

This young couple announced their good fortune to the world with our luxurious Bentley and one of our Executive Chauffeurs: they had just won £1,000,000, plus a luxury holiday, from the National Lottery.

The lucky couple, who can now finally afford to go on honeymoon after over two years of marriage, posed with our gorgeous Bentley Flying Spur at their National Lottery press conference to the UK’s media.


A symbol of luxury and discerning taste, our chauffeur-driven Bentley was the perfect choice to complement their happy story.

It certainly sparked the attention of the media present – including ITV, Metro and the Mirror -, and proves that cars from Signature’s fleet are a great choice for anyone who wants to augment an occasion, product launch or promotion.

If you or your company have something special to say, or need an eye-catching backdrop for your photoshoot, then we’d love to hear from you. We’ve worked from everyone from magazines to big brands such as Samsung, and we’re always happy to help with the creative process – no matter how big your ambitions.