MINI Recreates Magic With New Concept Car

MINI wants to blast into motoring space with the Rocketman, a concept car that is coinciding with the London Olympics. The Rocketman is one of the purest versions of patriotism that the UK will see during the London Olympics. Even though the company has decided against making a consumer version of the concept car, new images have been released of what the car looks like and there are a few striking changes.

The first change is the most visual one: the colours of the Union Jack are draped over the car to highlight Britain’s success in winning the Olympics. The glass roof of the Rocketman is an extra detail that makes it sparkle: you can glance a peek at people in the car when you see the glass roof. After its debut in the Geneva Motor Show last year, the Rocketman has had plush additions such as blue nubuck leather rear interior.

A fresh coat of paint has also been applied onto the body of the car; the metallic paint adds texture to the Rocketman for its Great British debut when it is shown this summer at the Olympics. As demand grows for urban cars, motorists are looking for lightweight cars. Motoring experts think this is why MINI has brought Rocketman back into the public eye because the frame of the car is made from carbon fibre.

The Olympics is going to be a time where the world’s spotlight will shine brightly on London. It’s only fair that Rocketman is seen by the public in the ultimate show of patriotism and pride as it reigns as one of MINI’s most visually appealing cars. The fun, laid back approach is perfect for summer and it will be used as a platform to highlight MINI’s success in manufacturing quirky cars that suit urban dwellers.

But we say why wait for the Mini Rocketman when you can hire a range of MINI’s from us such as the Mini John Cooper Works, Mini Cooper S or even the Mini Cooper S Convertible to dart from street to street easily during the Olympics.