Try our CPO service and risk-minimising vehicles

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No longer just the domain of royalty, foreign dignitaries and public figures, political or otherwise, our Close Protection Officer and Armoured vehicle service is something worth knowing about. Due to popular demand, we offer CPO service and armoured cars that keep you and your passengers safe for all types of car hire.

Signature Car Hire have always been thought leaders when it comes to prestige car hire services, and now some of our more exclusive products can also be accessed.  Protecting assets, individuals and your families, our CPOs’ sole focus is minimising risks posed across various situations, especially for people on the move.  Whether it is a matter of scanning the environment to decrease threats, monitoring the evolving scenario or avoiding hazards, our CPOs operate at the highest level of security.

Close Protection is all about having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all our officers have exemplary experience in either the Armed Forces or Specialist functions of the police services   responsible for ensuring a similar level of protection at Government levels.

You will find that they are all individually licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). They also have both personal Close Protection and First Aid qualifications recognised by the SIA, and have been cleared through rigorous reference checks with the Criminal Records Bureau.

To complement our CPO service, Signature Car Hire offers an equal level of quality in the vehicles available for this service.  Most recently, we introduced an armoured Range Rover.  In addition to the standard vehicles with tinted windows, there is also high level navigation technology and integrated safety features. Defensive driving skills for chauffeurs, extra security and privacy measures are also available when you choose the armoured Range Rover from us. This ensures a swift departure from any unexpected risky situation, or total avoidance in the first place.

One of the defining features of the new armoured Range Rover is that it looks like any other Range Rover, so standing out as a target will not happen.  That aside, the Range Rover offers the latest in technologically advanced armoured protection to a standard of Level 5/Euro B6.  Lightweight Armormax ballistic composite material shields the body of the vehicle from rifle attacks. Feel completely secure courtesy of the armoured vehicles we have on offer from our fleet.