Geneva round-up

dee-geneva-2015Our man on the ground, Signature Boss Dee, flew to Geneva (by private jet thanks to the Sytner Group Dealership!) to get all the latest car gossip and pre-order cars so that Signature customers are guaranteed the best of the bunch.

His favourite car was the Bentley Continental GT supercar concept, which, as he explains: “absolutely took my breath away. It’s a cross between an Aston Martin Virage, DB9 and a V8, but in the Bentley spectrum. It’s a 2 seater rather than the usual Bentley 4 – definitely what the market has been waiting for!”

signature-at-geneva-motor-show-bentley-gtThis car is a hugely exciting look at what Bentley might produce in the future, all the more so because it was unannounced, and so took everyone at Geneva by surprise!

Aston Martin themselves were not to be outdone, however, and revealed their hotly anticipated Vulcan, as well as the sporty Vantage GT3 and the DBX concept. We were prepared to be amazed by the futuristic-looking Vulcan, which has 800BHP and costs £1.8million, but the DBX took everyone by surprise. The car is the marque’s first all-wheel-drive, all-electric model and promises a more environmentally friendly GT that still has the performance and luxury associated with Aston Martin.

Lamborghini, of course, were making waves with the arrival of the Aventador SuperVeloce, which impressed Dee so much that he reserved one on the spot!

The SV produces 750bhp from its 6.5-litre V12 and has a top speed of nearly 220mph. We’ll let you know when you can expect to see this stunning car in our Experience Centre, but in the meantime you can content yourself with watching their spellbinding promotional video.

In the red corner, fellow Italians Ferrari drew a crowd with their new 488. As Dee commented: “How can you possibly improve on the 458? Well, Ferrari have! Sleek cut lines, an instrument panel tailored around the driver – all very impressive.” A rival to the McLaren 650s, the mid-engined car has 660BHP from a turbo-charged V8.

2393124551273123872Elsewhere at the show we saw the next generation Audi R8, which has borrowed underpinnings from the Lamborghini Huracan, the face-lifted Range Rover Evoque, the new Mercedes CLA shooting brake, Porsche’s latest 911 and a predictably barmy offering from Koenigsegg .

McLaren, meanwhile, managed to grab headlines by unveiling two new cars at the same time – something not normally done by the marque.

First up was the 675LT, the faster version of the 650s looks very promising, with 666BHP, 700NM of torque and a swish aerodynamic body. Sitting next to it was the petrol-electric P1 GTR, which will have a 986BHP and cost – wait for it – £1.9 million.

signature-geneva-motor-show-serenity-interiorAfter all the McLaren madness the best way to restore a sense of inner peace was to go and look at the exquisite Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity. A completely bespoke car in terms of exterior and interior finish, the car is nothing less than a work of art.

Its mother of pearl exterior paint is the most expensive bespoke paint in the marque’s history and took 12 hours to polish to the correct shine, while the interior silk panel was hand stitched and painted by an expert team.

Featuring a soothing oriental blossom motif, this car is a real privilege to experience and really does bring home the extent of Rolls Royce’s craftsmanship.

Dee had a brilliant time at Geneva and we expect to see the fruits of his labours in the very near future! We’ll keep you updated on further developments on the cars we’ve mentioned, and you can always check our website to see what’s in our current fleet.